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Jolanda is a faroese shawl knit sideways in three colors and different lace patterns. The center section is shaped with short rows to help the shawl stay on your shoulders. It is a great stash buster, since it uses less than 800 yd of one color. Make it in the colors of your home-country’s flag or go wild and use as many colors as you like.

Jolanda is named after a very good friend of mine. She will be moving to Italy soon, that is why I chose the colors of the Italian flag for her shawl. We met in a forum for the computer game “The Sims 2” and when we found out how close to each other we lived, we soon became friends. Not only do we both love gaming, we also both love cats and knitting, collecting yarn and stitch dictionaries, especially foreign ones like Japanese or Estonian. She is the one who taught me to crochet.

The left wing of her shawl features a diamond pattern, just like the diamonds the Sims wear on their heads to show how they feel at the moment. The center section uses an Estonian pattern called Lilledekiri (Flower pattern) and for the right wing I chose a lace pattern that resembles cat paws.

The pattern has been tech-edited and test-knit.

To celebrate it’s release, it is available for 5.00 $ instead of 6.75 $ until Midnight, June 14th (Switzerland time) on Ravelry, Craftsy and Patternfish.