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I have just come back from a wonderful vacation in Norway and have some lovely yarnie souvenirs to show you!

First from the Husfliden store in Oslo


This is a mixture of baby alpaca, alpaca and silk. Soooo soft! I think they want to be mittens with a Norwegian pattern.

What, only three small skeins of yarn from Husfliden with their huge choice? Yes, because I bought so many other souvenirs there!


A beautiful cabled pullover. I was really glad that to have bought it, because a few days later it became really cold.

DSC00760 DSC00759

I couldn’t go to Norway and not bring home a troll – isn’t he the cutest troll guy ever? And he’s their king!

DSC00751 DSC00752 DSC00753 DSC00754

Sock yarn from a really small shop that had about everything. One sock is already finished! :)

DSC00757 DSC00756 DSC00755

While driving through Lærdal we came across a yarn shop. Hubby knows what to do – he looked for a parking space immediately and let me enjoy the yarn :)

Green: Merino for a summer top; White: Cashmere Alpaca – I so wish you could touch this. It’s a dream! I foresee another pair of mittens in my future, cabled I think! Violet: More Alpaca – for a scarf or a cowl.

DSC00748 DSC00746

Two more photos, because I promised them. I think my moose collection is complete now. Here are all my toy moose:

DSC00749 DSC00747

I have some more yarney photos, but these are for another post. If you want to see more Norway photos, including photos of the beautiful Husfliden store, they are on my homepage.