The time before Christmas isn’t exactly known to be free from stress and full of peace… But I try to squeeze in some me time anyway. Somehow, everythings is going to get finished on time… Including the blanket I’m knitting for my daddy. I just don’t know how, yet.

But something is finished, my first project for the Gift-A-Long 2014:



These are Giraffes at Sunset Mittens by Erica Mount, a wonderful pattern and an absolutely stunning FO, I love them! Her other patterns are just as gorgeous, check them out! There are dolphins, orchids and butterflies to see, among other beautiful things.

I used different mystery sock yarns that I bought years ago for who knows what and never got to it. My hands are tiny, so I had to shorten them a bit. The original mittens are even more beautiful with more birds and the sun above the mountains.

So, one project done and five more planned, one of them (the blanket mentioned above) has to be finished before Christmas… But Christmas is when all the presents are ready, right?