Yesterday, hubby and I had our 10 year wedding anniversary. Or so the calendar said. I still think it sounds quite of crazy…

We met in the internet (something that led to strange looks 12 years ago!), in a forum for “German Idol”. Our first real meeting took place in Munich, and one of the things we visited there was Castle Neuschwanstein. Well, we not only did we fall in love with each other, we also fell in love with the beautiful castle and have been going back time and time again.

Fast forward ten years, to last December’s Gift Along on Ravelry. While browsing the patterns of the participating designers I came across Natalia Sha’s gorgeous Neuschwanstein Blanket. I’m not sure I’ve ever ordered yarn for a project that fast :)

I started on New Year’s Eve and did something that I’ve probaby never done before – I worked on nothing but this blanket (apart from my designs, but that’s work knitting and not leisure time knitting) until it was done :) Now I know that it is possible to finish a blanket in five weeks instead of two years :D

Hubby was happy with his blanket, and so are the cats. So without further ado – here is my Neuschwanstein Blanket:



It’s 81 cm (32”) wide and 117 cm (46”) high, made from almost 7 skeins of Drops Baby Alpaca Silk on 3.25 mm needles.

Now I wonder how long it will take the cats to love it to death…