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On February 25th 2015, my Daddy, who lived 600 km away from me, had a stroke. While I packed my bag to visit him, I grabbed a beautiful skein of yarn to keep me busy and sane during the long drive. The yarn was Caterpillargreen’s Shawl Stripes yarn, dyed to make a triangular shawl from the top down with stripes which are all the same width. So I knit a shawl and, stitch after stitch, filled it with thoughts and memories of and prayers for my Daddy.

When I finally arrived at the hospital, he was much better and two days later I went home again.

A few days later, his condition got much worse and again I hopped onto the next train and grabbed my shawl in progress before I went. He recovered once more and when I came home, the shawl and I had travelled 2400 km together and it was almost done.

I decided to end it with a beautiful knit-on border and I had only just begun working on it when my Daddy decided it was time for him to go to Heaven.


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All proceeds from this sale will go to European Stroke Research Foundation.