It’s time for another designer interview! Justyna Kacprzak makes the most beautiful amigurumi!

hoofing around

1. How did you come to knitting / crocheting?

I first learned to knit – it was very early, when I was still a little girl :) I was amazed at how mum is skillful with her needles and wanted to give it a try too. I learned to crochte much later, when I was in high school and that was after a few fails! There was a point at which I thought I’d never be able to crochet, but hey, here I am and I think it’s both thatnk to my determination and my wonderful teacher – my aunt.

2. How did you come to designing?

Oh, that was totally unplanned! I wanted to sell handmade bears, but since copyrights vary from country to country and not all designers are ok with people selling projects made from their patterns, I decided to make a pattern for a simple bear, so that I could sell them without any risk. Since it was all ready, I decided to put it on sale in my Etsy store and it actually sold really well, so I started creating patterns and it got so interesting that I can’t stop!

for crafters

3. What inspires your designs?

That’s always the hardest question! I guess it can be anything! Sometimes a dog crossing the street, someone’s T-shirt or even my previous designs.

4. What is your design process?

I rarely sketch – so I mostly just take a hook and start crocheting. And tehn I frog. And crochet some more :) And it goes like this until I’m happy with the result.

5. Do you have a favourite fiber?

For my amigurumi I love a good quality acrylic and cotton blend, for clothes and accessories for myself or my family my number one is either merino or alpaca.

6. If you could only knit/crochet one type of item, what would it be?

Will my fans be disappointed if I said hats? ;) I just loooove making them – no sewing, almost no end weaving, quick and useful. Does it get any better than this?

7. Which of your patterns make for really great gift knitting?

I think the best would be my “I Promise You Pineapples” shawl – it’s pretty, quick to make and useful.But so are my bookmarks or tape measure covers. I think everything depends on who we want to make a gift for :)


8. Do you have any new patterns coming out during the GAL that you want to talk about?

Oh, I wish I’ll manage to finish, test and publish the crochet version of my Swinging Kitty Ornament. I got a great feedback when it went live last year and was asked for the crochet version, so I hope I can make it this year!

swinging kitty

(c) for all photos: Justyna Kacprzak