I didn’t think I would ever say that, but I have sewn something. No, really, I did! I know, my relationship with sewing has always been somewhere between “I could never do that, why even bother” and “Hm, maybe I should try and learn it. Someday. Later.”

More than a year ago, during a short phase of “Maybe I should learn it NOW”, I bought a Makerist course for beginners (that’s like Craftsy, but in German), checked the materials list, bought fabric and cushions and a kit of things you are supposed to need for sewing – and stashed it all away in my yarn room.

But thanks to a wonderful Ravelry group with lots and lots of awesomly talented sewing geniuses, I began thinking of the course and the materials again and decided to make cushions before we were to leave for Ascona in the beginning of September.

And – drumroll please – I really made it through the first project!


The result were three of these cushions with an evelope opening. I know it looks like they have been made by a total beginner, but that is because they are and I’m proud of them. They live in our bedroom now – I’m not that proud that I wanted to display them in the livingroom.

The next project in the course is another cushion, but this time with a zipper. I tried. I started another three cushions, but these zippers are beyond my skills for now…

Just so I wouldn’t even think of giving up, I checked the projects in a beginner’s book I bought about the same time I bought the video course and promised myself that I would make a bag next.

Back from Ascona, I ordered gorgeous fabric.


The first one is a photo print, I’m not crazy enough to tackle knitted fabric yet  :)

When the parcel with the fabric arrived yesterday around lunchtime, a little voice in my head began to talk. It told me that these fabrics are too beautiful for me to use and that I was just going to destroy them and that giving up was always an option.

Well, I decided to show that voice who’s boss! Fast forward to this morning (and skip the part where hubby had to repair the sewing maching because I made a lot of thread barf and broke a needle) and I have a bag! With lining even!


Looking at my “leftovers”, I have bought enough fabric to make about a ton of them. Which is a good thing – after I had finished it I learned that I should have washed the fabric before using it because it might shrink. The photo doesn’t show it, but the bag is quite small to begin with – ca. 28 x 30 cm.

Well, at least I will carry around my handkerchief in style now!