I need socks, hubby needs socks, grandma needs socks, everyone needs socks

The Gift-a-long 2017 has started two days ago, for the fifth time already! I’m proud to be participating as a designer for the fourth time, but of course I’m also knitting like there’s no tomorrow!

As every year, there is so much awesome talent in the GAL! So I have planned to make a series of blog posts and show you some of my favorite patterns. My grandma told my mother, who told my hubby, who told me, that grandma needs socks, so I’ve signed up for several pairs of socks in the Feet KAL and this will be the first topic!

There are two bundles available on Ravelry that you can search to your heart’s content. There’s the Sale Bundle here, each of these 5387 patterns is available for 25 % off with the coupon code giftalong2017 until November 28. And if that’s not enough, there’s the full bundle with more than 18000 patterns by all 311 participating designers.

For this blog post, I’ve only used the sale bundle, because the giant bundle has only just been made available a few minutes ago. But anyway, here are my favorites:

These are both by Artesanitarium Designs, the Antarctica Socks in white and below Gladiatrix Socks. I’m in love with the intricate cables and the supercute laces.

Mary E Rose designed Ain’t She Sweet, Knot Tuned The Ballet and Knot Tuned – Symphony.

The Ballet Socks and the ankle socks will both hop onto my needles tomorrow.

Sonja Launspach Kunstwerk Designs is aptly named – Kunstwerk means work of art and that is exactly what here designs are! Check out her Wildflower Meadow Socks and Cats in the Garden Socks – beyond awesome!

Looking at the socks I favorited for this blog post, I noticed a theme – I’m obviously drawn to cabled socks and to colorwork!

So here are some more πŸ™‚

Puzzle Socks by Aud Bergo – a new to me designer. One of the reasons I love the GAL is that I always come across new designers I can’t believe I haven’t found before!

It’s Stripes Jim by Helen Gipson hopped on and off my needles during last year’s GAl and I still love to wear them all the time – not only the socks are awesome, I also love the Star Trek reference. What can I say, I’m a trekkie. πŸ™‚

Stroll by Maggie Menzel caught my eye because I just love this colorway from Gauge Dye Works and have used it for two of my designs as well – and there is more hiding in my stash πŸ™‚

If making a whole pair of socks is a little bit too much for you so close to Christmas, what about these Flower Power Boottoppers by Simone Kereit?

I could have included a ton of Renee Kies Designs’ patterns in this list, but I chose Pride with it’s genius cables ❀

If you ever need to Tiptoe Through the Daisies – make sure you wear these supercute socks by Arella Seaton! The heel is so creative, don’t you think?

World’s End by Lisa K. Ross is another pattern that just leaves me in awe – I so wish I had the time to knit all of these and then some more!

I’m always looking for ankle socks – just because it’s summer and 30 degrees Celcius outside doesn’t mean I want to do without knitted socks! So I’m sure I’ll make a pair of Almost Aran Socks by Ruth Brasch once it’s warmer outside. Right now, 30 degrees Celsius are just something to dream about…

Stephanie Tallent’s Fringe Socks are another favorite of mine – just look at this supercool colorwork!

Jo Torr’s Crossrail socks are another longtime favorite of mine and I was happy to see them come up in the GAL bundles πŸ™‚

Are you still with me? There’s just 3 more socks now!

Beverly S. must be really obsessed with the beautiful houndstooth pattern – her Houndstooth Obsession socks say so! Houndstooth was one of the first colorwork patterns I ever came across, and being a total newbie I just couldn’t wrap my head around how this could be achieved – and how long it would take to make something like this, having to drop and pick up a strang after almost every stitch. Luckily, I learned about stranded knitting, knitting thimbles, English knitting and having one strand each on your right and left hand inbetween – maybe I should make these socks one day and remember the old times πŸ™‚

These are Cameo Socks by Fiona Hamilton-McLaren (what an awesome name :-D), they look so extremely elegant ❀

And last but not least:

Swirling Star Socks by Knitwise Design. Despite living in Switzerland, I’m not really fond of swirling snowflakes outside, but swirling stars on my socks – I’d take those anytime!

Wow, that was a lot – and I really contained myself! Go check the bundles for yourself and let me know which are your favorites in the comments if you like!


Avocado for spring

Today, it’s not only raining outside – it’s pouring. There’s thunder and lightning and a storm that has already tipped over several plants and our parasol. The cats are going crazy because I’ve closed their cat flap so they have to stay inside.

I have absolutely no plans of going outside, but if I had to, I’d wear my Avocado hat to bring up the mood a little. I’ll wear the heck out of it in a few months, when there is still too much snow outside while I’m ready for spring.

It is worked in the mosaic technique, so you only use one color per round and still get this stunning result! There are two options for the ribbing, corrugated (two-color) ribbing as shown, or regular one color ribbing. The pattern comes in six sizes, from baby to Adult L, so you can make Avocado hats for the whole family and finally use up all these beautiful sock yarn skeins that are too gorgeous to be used for socks. I’m not the only one collecting those, I hope πŸ™‚

From now until November 21st, 8 PM US EST, the pattern is 25 % off on Ravelry – no coupon code needed! Click here to check it out!

He’s mine :D

When I published the pattern for Tailored Lines Scarf in October, a funny thing happened. Complete strangers messaged me to tell me how awesome the model – my husband – is. I found it funny, hubby seemed to think I was making it all up – but I swear I wasn’t.

So let me start with a disclaimer – only the pattern for the Tailored Lines Hat is for sale, not the model πŸ™‚


I hope I can make up for it – the pattern is available in five sizes and it is on sale – 25 % off on Ravelry until November 10th, no coupon code needed! Just add the pattern to your cart and the discount will be applied πŸ™‚

If you want a stunning result that is super easy to work, Tailored Lines is right for you! The yarn I used is Lang Yarns Seta, a gorgeous 100 % silk yarn in sport weight.

And now excluse me, please – I have to go hug the most awesome knitwear model!

News galore

In November 2016, 7 months after the death of our beloved Lena, we adopted a cat from Spain called Pepsi. She was 5.5 months old at the time. She turned out to be just what my husband and I needed, a cute, cheeky, black cat that loves to sit on our shoulders while we walk through the house – there must be a parrot somewhere in her heritage!

We still miss Lena every day, but life is so much better now that we have Pepsi.
Five months later, her sister Orangina moved in with us as well.

For this shawl, I’ve designed the stitch patterns for the body myself, following Naomi Parkhursts tutorials on how to embed a secret code in your patterns. Want to check it out yourself? Take a look here.

The words I’ve encoded are Pepsi and the German words for cheeky, cute and black – the perfect tribute to our little baby, and maybe to your pet as well!


Today, the resulting shawl went live and I really hope you like it!

To help you make this shawl, I’ve also created two new youtube videos!

Emily Ocker’s Cast On (English): https://youtu.be/I8auj33xd5U

Emily Ocker’s Cast On (German): https://youtu.be/ji6erA8vRQU

Knitting on a border (English):Β https://youtu.be/f6Kb2g3Wxmo

Anstricken einer BordΓΌre (Deutsch): https://youtu.be/iZIPer6sA4A


My husband’s birthday is in a week and he asked for a silk scarf in a herringbone stitch. I think he has chosen a love, elegant stitch and the Lana Grossa yarn is just awesome! If you’d like to test the scarf, you can do so in my Ravelry group πŸ™‚

English test

German / deutscher Test


Don’t feel like making a scarf? If you’re German speaking, you can also sign up for the test for Gemma’s Cowl in a few days!


Drop me a message or keep an eye on my Ravelry group if you want to test!

Or you can wait for a few more days when I will introduce you to my new shawl, Fibonacci’s Great Grandmother – I’ll be looking for testers for that one soon!

See you next time! πŸ™‚

Oh La La Socks

IMG_2902 modified

Sometimes you have a great idea for a design, but something is missing – that little je ne sais quoi. That’s how I felt about my Oh La La Socks for a long time. I had the stranded chart all ready to go, but I felt that there needed to be something more. I had tried a patterned heel flap, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

The answer came to me when I wanted to use a Latvian Twist for a different design. It didn’t work out for that one, but I decided to give it a try for the socks that were in time-out waiting for me to come back to them. And voilΓ  – the Oh La La Socks were finally born!

A stunning stranded pattern and a contrasting color for ribbing, heel and toes are tied together by an impressive, yet easy to work Latvian twist using all three colors. Your feet deserve no less!

The pattern is available on Ravelry, Loveknitting, Craftsy and soon on Patternfish and Kuschelfein Maschendesign!

A photo tutorial for the Latvian Twist is included in the pattern!

Check out the pattern and let me know in the comments what you think, I’d love to hear from you!



It’s like heaven!

Do you know Qiviut? I don’t know what the underbelly of a unicorn feels like, but I imagine it must feel like Qiviut!

Qiviut is the underwool of the muskox and softer than cashmere, warmer than sheep’s wool and doesn’t felt.

Thanks to the most awesome husband in the world, I have been the proud owner of 50 g of pure qiviut for a few years now, always waiting for the perfect pattern or stitch pattern to come along for this treasure.

I finally found the perfect stitch pattern a few weeks ago in a Japanese stitch dictionary and made the Watercourse Cowl.

After tech editing and testing, you can now make your own Watercourse Cowl and indulge in the luxury, be it with qiviut or any other yarn you love!

Datei 09.05.17, 20 20 44

Watercourse Cowl combines two beautiful, yet easy to knit Japanese stitch patterns and a heavenly luxurious yarn into a stunning, amazingly soft cowl that you will never want to take off!
The stitch pattern is written out as well as charted.

Many thanks to my tech editor Michelle Hazell and my testknitters iowaknitter, katisha and whizard. Any remaining mistakes are mine.

16.5 cm [6.5”] wide, 72 cm [28.25”] around
The length is easily adjustable.

Blocked Gauge:
1 pattern repeat (44 sts and 24 rows = 16.5 cm [6.5”] wide and 8 cm [3”] high

Gauge is not vital for this project, but it will affect the yardage and the size of the FO.

I’m a loose knitter, so you may want to try bigger needles if you aren’t

Gold of the Arctic Qiviut 14/4, (50 g [1.76 oz], 175 m [191 yd], 100 % qiviut) 1 ball in natural.
Or ca. 175 m [191 yd] fingering weight yarn of your choice
3 mm [US 2.5] needles
Cable needle
3 mm Crochet hook for provisional cast on (optional)
Spare needle of the same size for 3-Needle-Bind-Off (optional)

Skills Needed:
Simple lace knitting
Simple cables
Provisional cast on (optional)
3-Needle-Bind-Off (optional)

Mystic River

Another month, another pattern has been released πŸ™‚

I hope you like the Mystic River just as much as I do!

Mystic River Scarf is perfect for that skein of self-striping
yarn that you fell in love with, but then it never told you what
it wanted to be. The pattern includes instructions for a short
or a long cowl or a scarf and the pattern can easily be adjusted
in width and length.
Many thanks to my tech editor Michelle Hazell and my testknitters
AaseE, andrea73, chicco, selana and sandy-in-thesun.
Any remaining mistakes are mine.

Short Cowl: 19 cm [7.5”] wide, 66 cm [26”]
Long Cowl: 19 cm [7.5”] wide, 112 cm [44”]
Scarf: 19 cm [7.5”] wide, about 180 cm [71”]
Width and length are easily adjustable

Blocked Gauge:
24 sts and 29 rows = 10 cm [4”] in pattern

Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball StΓ€rke 6, (400
m [437 yd], 150 g [5.29 oz], 75 % wool, 25
% nylon), 1 ball in color Der Lenz ist da
or 150 (255, 400) m [165 (280, 437) yd]
sport weight yarn of your choice for a short
cowl (long cowl, scarf)
2.75 mm needles, or a needle size that
gives you a fabric you like

Gauge is not vital for this project, but it will
affect the yardage and the size of the FO.

Skills Needed:
Simple lace knitting
Kitchener Stitch or 3-Needle-Bind-Off

Mystic River 2.JPG

The English pattern is available on Ravelry, Craftsy, Patternfish (soon) and Loveknitting (soon).

The German pattern is exlusively available at Kuschelfein Maschendesign, either just the pattern or as a kit.

There will be a KAL starting on April 1st in the Kuschelfein Maschendesign Facebook group, I hope to see you there πŸ™‚

How old can alpacas get?

The last pattern for the Hubby needs Socks ebook went online yesterday!


The Ribbed Leaf Socks feature a mini cable pattern, a hybrid heel that combines a short-row heel and a short heel flap with a gusset and paired decreases toes closed with kitchener stitch.

Until March 5th, end of day, there’s still a 40 % sale for all my single patterns on Ravelry with the coupon code “Celebration”, and the 40th Release KAL started today!

I’d love to see you join the fun here.

I’m joining the KAL with my Daddy’s Prayer Shawl pattern worked in a handspun yarn. It’s two years since he left me and it’s nice to have some quiet time thinking of him and working on his pattern. The handspun yarn adds another special twist to it in my mind. datei-01-03-17-16-51-34

I chose the stitch markers with him in mind – the sheep because I’m sure he would love them. The sock because he loved my handknit socks and didn’t wear any other socks. The alpaca because he loved to tell a story about some alpacas that fled from a circus in my home town and roamed the streets. He always asked me “What were these animals called?” It must be about 30 years now since that happened. Man, I’m getting old!

Celebrating 40 patterns!

Knitted in Switzerland celebrates the 40th patterns release!img_2460_klein

Celebrate with me! There’s a sale from now until March 5th, end of day (Switzerland time)! Use the coupon code “Celebration” and receive 40 % off any single pattern from my Ravelry store! Go check it out! πŸ™‚


There’s also a KAL in my group starting on March 1st! Any of my patterns, including WIPs, is welcome πŸ™‚

I’d love to see you there, maybe then I’ll believe that I really have published 40 patterns πŸ˜€

Hubby needs Socks


When I realized that my husband needed several new pairs of socks, I dreaded the thought of the same old vanilla socks in black, dark grey or dark blue that men like. So I handed my husband a few stitch dictionaries and told him to choose patterns he likes. I chose yarn in colors that he would accept and that still wouldn’t make me crazy while knitting. The idea of the “Hubby needs socks” ebook was born. For every pattern, I chose a different heel and a different toe to make the knitting even more fun.

If you are like me, I hope you will love the ebook! Today, the first three patterns went online. You can get the standalone patterns, or all three in an ebook at a discounted price! If you buy the ebook now, you will automatically receive three more men’s sock patterns in February.


The Ascona Socks feature a simple knit-purl-pattern, a horseshoe heel which combines short rows and a heel flap, and a star toe. The stitch pattern is written out as well as charted.

Many thanks to my tech editor cupani and my testknitters chicco, puffycats and sandy-in-the-sun.


The Enclosed Cable Socks feature a cable panel on stockinette ground, a patterned heel flap, a heart-shaped heel and a variation of the star toe. The stitch pattern is written out as well as charted.

Many thanks to my tech editor cupani and my testknitters Andrea1302, JessisSocke, Karate and Melli35.


The Amour Fou socks feature an easy to work stitch pattern that lets you concentrate on the interesting construction with an afterthought heel that is worked like a toe and a toe that is worked like a heel.

Many thanks to my tech editor Michelle Hazell and my testknitters inyy and Melli35. Any remaining mistakes are mine.

All patterns are available on Ravelry, Craftsy and soon on Loveknitting and Patternfish.

The German patterns will also be available at Kuschelfein Maschendesign.